Rewards Programs


How can I help? As Easy as 1-2-3...

Did you know there are opportunities to help support the children at St. Christopher’s School every day...

without even trying?

Grocery Store Rewards Programs

Sign up for Price Chopper’s Tools for School! Every time you shop you help your child’s school earn points!


Sign up for Shop Rite’s Shop for Education program!  Every time you shop you help your child’s school earn points!

Sign up for Stop and Shop’s new A+ Bonus Bucks Program! Every time you shop you help your child’s school earn cash!

**Coke Rewards** new program

The Coke Rewards program helps us to get items like art supplies and sports equipment. Send Coke Rewards to the school, attention Linda Dadinos. For more information, go online at

Target Rewards

Target's "Take Charge of Education Program" will donate 1% of every purchase made with your REDcard to our school.  For more information, go online at

Box Tops 

Box Tops for Education provides money directly to St. Christopher School for each Box Top submitted.  Box Top Coupons are on hundreds of General Mills products that we use every day like Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Hefty, Juicy Juice, Ziploc, Kleenex, and many more.  Send your Box Tops into school with your child every Friday! Friday is Box Top Day! Please login for other ways to help at :

Did you know you can support our school when you shop online at Box Tops for Education?  Please sign up at Then continue to shop as usual at the many stores through this website, and a portion of the sales will be automatically donated back to St. Christopher School. You will simply be redirected to the website of the store you are shopping at and the school gets credit! SO simple!

Campbell’s Soups labels for Education                      

Campbell's Soup is Mmm, Mmm, Good for St.  Christopher School.  Submit your labels every Friday!