Co-op (Volunteer) Hours

Each K-8 family is responsible for ten co-op hours and each PreK family for five co-op hours completed for the school during the school year. Throughout the year there are opportunities to complete co-op hours by helping with events at the school, doing work from home, and other tasks that come up throughout the year. If a family does not fulfill the required co-op hours, they will be assessed $25.00 per hour not met, up to $250.00.

The co-op hours are tracked through the educonnect website. You must sign up for your co-op hours in order to receive credit for them. You may also check your total completed on your account at any time.

All parents who volunteer at the school must be trained through the Office of Safe Environment. This involves three steps:

  1. Attend Virtus training (only required once)

  2. Have a background check done through the Archdiocese (cost: $18.50; must be updated every 10 years)

  3. Review the Safe Environment Handbook and sign the signature sheet.

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