HSA Fundraisers

Each family is assessed a Fundraising fee: $250.00 for families in Grades K-8 and $125.00 for families in PreK. This fee assessment can be met by participating in the various fundraising activities that are sponsored by the HSA or a direct payment to the school for the full amount. Each family may choose the fundraisers in which to participate. If a family raises over their total goal, 50% of the additional amount will be credited to the family’s next year’s tuition responsibility and 50% will be used to meet the HSA annual goal.

The budgeted goal for HSA fundraising is $46,500 by June 30, 2020.

Fall Fundraiser: We started our fall fundraiser and your involvement is needed more than ever! We are raising funds to help meet the HSA annual goal of $46,500 which helps the students to have everything they need for the best learning environment possible. This amount may seem intimidating, but fundraisers like this one, selling gift wrap, popcorn and home goods, is an easy sale of practical items.

You can support the fundraiser by doing any of the following:

1) Purchase items out of the catalog for you and your family.

2) Share your fundraiser on social media, by email, or text on www.ShopFund.com

3) Ask neighbors, co-workers, friends & others to purchase and show their support.

Please know that your assistance will make a huge di­fference and I thank you in advance for your participation in the fundraiser!