School Hours

Regular School Day:         

7:30 School starts

Dismissal Info:

2:05 Afternoon Prayer

2:10 Bus dismissal, then Car Riders/Walkers/After School Program (ASP)


Early Dismissal Day:   

7:30 School starts

Dismissal Info:

11:25 End of day prayer

11:30 Bus dismissal, then Car Riders/Walkers/After School Program (ASP)


Morning Routine: Students will assemble in the schoolyard in the area at the end of the K-8 wing. Supervision begins at 7:15. At 7:30 the students will proceed with their teacher to the gym for Morning Prayer. In case of inclement weather the students assemble in the gym, until the bell rings.                        Late-entry weather delays will be 2 hours.

Bus: .DATTCO provides bus service to East Hartford residents. Bus routes are established by the East Hartford Public Schools and are published in the East Hartford Gazette. Please make sure your child is aware of his/her bus number.

DATTCO Instructions for the School Year Bus Routes.

Below is the link to Dattco's Bus Stops for East Hartford Public School:
1. Enter House Number    
2. Enter Street Address followed by a space and zip code,
    Please note that you will need to abbreviate street, avenue, etc.,
    for example: main "st" 06108                   
     * Street - st                     
     * Avenue - ave                      
     * Drive - dr                    
     * Lane - ln                    
     * Court - ct                    
     * Terrace - ter
3. Select your child's school
4. Click on the Submit button


Car Riders:  Please drop your child off in the parking area near the church. Use the center driveway when exiting the parking lot. Please exit and enter slowly and carefully when arriving in the morning and afternoon. Please park behind the large cones in the area closest to the church. Do not park in the yellow painted parking spaces.

In case of early dismissal due to inclement weather - our early dismissal time is 11:30 a.m. The After-School Program will remain available until 3:00.  All other students will be dismissed in their usual manner.